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The Depot Outlet board of directors will review all completed and submitted funding request applications.  Requests for funding will be considered based upon the following guidelines:


1.         The Depot Outlet board of directors will only grant funds to the following types of organizations:


  • Non-profit organizations located in Winneshiek County, Iowa, that have obtained federal tax exempt status pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

  • Churches or religious worship organizations (or recognized auxiliaries of such church organizations) located in Winneshiek County, Iowa.

  • State and local government organizations or agencies located in Winneshiek County.


The Depot Outlet board of directors will not grant funds to individuals, businesses or groups that are not tax exempt non-profit organizations. 


2.         Organizations requesting funds must be self-sufficient and capable of funding their internal operating expenses.  The Depot Outlet board of directors prefers to grant funds to be used for identifiable programs and projects.  The Depot Outlet board of directors will not normally grant funding to organizations to be used for their regular operating expenses.


3.         Applicants are limited to one funding request each calendar year. 


4.         If the requesting organization is affiliated with another organization, government agency or church please ensure that you have consent from that organization.  That organization will only be entitled to one grant application per calendar year.  


5.         A funding request application must be completed in its entirety, and signed by an authorized representative of the applicant.  The Depot Outlet board of directors will not consider uncompleted funding request applications. 


6.         If Applicant’s application meets Depot Outlet’s initial requirements, Depot Outlet will invite Applicant’s representative to present the funding request to Depot Outlet’s board of directors.  The Depot Outlet board of directors requires that a representative of applicant personally appear at a board of directors meeting before any funding request is granted.


7.         The maximum dollar amount of funds granted will be subject to the Depot Outlet grant funding limits, as determined by the board of directors.


8.         Funds granted to applicants can only be used for projects benefiting groups or communities located in Winneshiek County, Iowa.


9.         Any news releases, advertising, or other publicity must acknowledge the Depot Outlet as a sponsor of the project. 

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